SSS Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line Application


Polypylene(PP) Spunbonded Nonwoven Fabric Application



This polypropylene (PP) spunbonded nonwoven fabric production line has advantages of superior performance, beautiful color, and good quality. It can form a fibre web symmetrically and is complete in types. It can also add recycled material and stuffing to reduce the cost of products.

该聚丙烯(PP)纺粘无纺布设备经过本厂多年的生产 操作实践而不断更新换代使设计、操作更加合理。同 时吸收了国外同类设备的先进技术,规格齐全、性能 优越、成网均匀、色泽美观、品质优良,并且还可以 在原材料上加入再生和填充以降低的成本

01 Household Items 家居用品

Suit Cover, Knitwear Cover, Garderobe Cover, Table Cloth, Other Products Include Pillow Slip, Bedspread, Car Cover, Cover For Quilt, Computer, Air Conditioner And Fan Cover Etc.

西装套,毛衣套,衣柜套,桌布,沙发床垫用 布,吊衣架柜,鞋架,汽车罩,空调罩,电脑 罩,报纸袋等家居用品。

02 Medical And Hygiene Articles 医疗卫生用品

Operation clothes, exposure suit, disinfect cloth respirator, diaper, duster cloth, wiping cloth, wet face cloth, flexible towel roll, hairdressing products,sanitary towel, pad and any other cloth for single use.

手术服,防护服,消毒包布、口罩、尿片、民用抹布、 擦拭布、湿面巾、柔巾卷、美容用品、卫生巾、卫生护 垫及一次性卫生用布等。

03 Commodity And Labor Protection Products 日用劳保用品

Cloth Sleeves, Apron, Sauna Cloth Etc. Common Purpose Bags Like Shopping Bag, Gift Bag, Advertising Bag, Suit Bag, Quilt Storage Bag, Samples Handbag, Ads Bag, Garbage Bag Etc.

袖套,围裙,桑拿套服等日用产品;购物袋,礼 品袋,西装袋,被絮储放袋,程式样手提袋,广 告袋,垃圾袋等综合袋。

04 Garments And Shoes 服装鞋革

Clad And Linning, Shoes Lapping Cloth, Shoes Bag, Shoes Cover Etc.


05 Industrial and Agricultural Usage 工农业用途

Roadbed Cloth, Dykes And Dams Cloth, Waterproof Rolling Fabric, Covering Cloth, Car Interior Decoration Cloth, Filtering Material, Oil Absorption Material Etc.

路基布,护提布,防水卷材用布,覆盖布,汽车内 装用布,过滤材料,吸油材料等工农业材料。

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